vrijdag 28 juni 2013

Healing an allergic dog with tissue salts

Dear friends,

On May 7th of 2013 I wrote about Daphne who suffered from alopecia and her dog Leo who, over almost 3 years, had been suffering from a general allergy. Thanks to the help of Eva Schoenfeld it was my privilege to introduce Daphne to the use of Tissue Salts after Dr. Schuessler. Today, almost two months later, I am very glad to share with you the latest news from Daphne about how she is healing herself and her dog with tissue salts.
José Ignacio, our vet in Jalón, has obviously an open mind. His brother owns a Gos d'Atura (Catalan sheep dog) who has been suffering from a general allergy for almost a year. We have now started the treatment of that dog too with a combination of tissue salts.
This is a copy of Daphne's latest news.

Hello Bruno,

Leo is fine,he is only biting and scratching a small amount and only sometimes, so the improvement is marvellous.  He loves his tissue salts and drinks them separately now twice a day, actally looks for them.  We are so pleased as it seems like a minor miracle AND my hair is growing back quite fast.  What a difference, we can´t believe it.   I have your books ready for when you want them Bruno, meanwhile I have been showing them to my friends because I am so impressed.
So, Leo and I have improved beyond bounds, thanks to you.
Daphne   (leo and I with lots more hair!!!!!!)

vrijdag 31 mei 2013

Mil Amores

Dear friends,

Ten years ago, it was on a Monday evening, I got a phone call from a Dutch lady.
- "Am I speaking with Bruno?"
- "Yes you are," I said.
- "I have a Labrador who attacks everyone and every dog. People advised me to have him put to sleep. Before I do that I am looking for someone who would be willing to adopt him. Can I come and show him to you?"
- "Yes you can. Please come right away," I answered.
When she arrived the lady could barely control a pulling and barking "monster" standing on his hind legs at the end of a tense leash. I handed her one of my leashes with a half-check collar and asked to switch it with the leash she was using on her dog. Taking my leash from her I witnessed the most amazing transformation of a "monster" into a dog who responded to everything I asked him to do. Immediately I told the lady I was more than willing to adopt the beautiful Labrador.... if my other dogs agreed to adopt him too. Taking him inside our compound I asked my wife Eva to take our other two dogs to the very end of our training grounds. On my signal we both took off the leashes, our two dogs approached the Labby and immediately they all started to "play". Everything was more than ok for them.
Whereupon I told the lady her dog could stay.
"Can I say goodbye to him ?", she asked.
I explained to her the best thing she could do was to send me the papers of the dog and leave without having another look at him.
That is exactly what she did.
My wife Eva baptized our new Labby "Baerli" what is the Swiss-German word for "small bear" or "Beerke" in Flemish and "Osito" in Spanish.
Observing every move of our new dog it became quite clear to me how he reminded me of my father.
The way he ate, drank, slept, breathed, walked, jumped, looked, ran, sat, lied down, stood, barked, always brought back memories of my father who had died in 1978.
Eight months after his adoption Baerli, who had been destined to be put to sleep, became champion in an agility competition in Alicante.
Later on he would obtain another four titles in agility, beating the Border Collier opposition during other competitions all over Spain.
Unfortunately he was then infected by the sand fly and I had to retire him from competition. The Leishmaniosis illness attacked his joints what prevented him from jumping.
But we kept on living and working together as a real team. I always felt good to have him with me and he always wanted to accompany me. His former owner had described him as a dog who attacked everyone but with me he was a most stable dog. Many, many times I took him along when working with clients and their dogs.
One day my wife had a session with a tarot lady. After the session she was so enchanted that she prompted me to go and see the same lady for a session.
I was not surprised when this tarot lady told me how my father was contacting me with the help of my Labby. I confirmed it and said that I knew that already.
The years went by and Baerli's walks became shorter and shorter as he was suffering from arthritis.
When it became impossible for him to walk I took him along to the vet and in order to have him sent to the eternal hunting fields.
I was not afraid to show my tears to the vet. Although we have know each other for years he hugged me for the first time.
Having buried my dog in a clean white sheet, I put a big bunch of wild flowers on his grave.
These flowers are called "Mil Amores" in Spanish.
The English translation of the Spanish name is "A Thousand Loves".
I am very grateful for everything Baerli/Beerke has given me.
He gave me A Thousand Loves.

With love and blessings from Brunothedoglistener

dinsdag 7 mei 2013

A very allergic dog

Dear friends,
Working with dogs and their handlers has changed my life radically. 
Each time I can help pupils and customers, it gives me a lot of satisfaction to notice the changes in their behaviour, their energy and body language.
For that reason I consider each dog and each handler to be a teacher for me because I keep learning from each and everyone of them.
Although I have been doing this for more than 20 years I still love doing one-to-ones and I also love my Sunday morning dog walking classes.

More than a decade ago my ex-wife Eva Schoenfeld decided to become a tissue salts practitioner. In the mean time she has built an enormous network of tissue salts consultants in Southern Africa and Asia. Many doctors and vets are her customers and learn how to use the tissue salts and also how to read the signs in the human faces in what is the "Academy for Tissue Salts and Facial Analysis" (www.atifa.co.za). Eva Schoenfeld has published a book in German about "Schuessler Salze und mein Hund"(Tissue Salts and my dog) and another book in English called "Second Chance".
Thanks to Eva's help I have been able to assist very allergic dogs to get better.
This time it was my privilege to not only be able to help an allergic dog but at the same time his handler.
Leo had been suffering from an overall allergic reaction for almost 3 years. He was continually scratching and biting himself, in spite of the expensive medication and food he was given. Was he getting better with this medication and food? 
No, he was getting worse. Leo was suffering and his owners too.
When his lady owner read my article about an allergic dog, she called me.
We started the treatment of the dog (and the lady) only 3 weeks ago and underneath you can read the message I received from a very happy Daphne.

Sunday 5th May 2013.

Dear Bruno.

Well, Leo is a lot better at the moment, only the occasional biting and scratching.  He is still on his pills for the moment which you said was O.K.  He has to go to the vets again on the 9th of this month for a check up.  However, I think his homeopathic treatment is working and, hopefully, so is mine.   He is a different dog now and seems to be very happy.   W hat a relief. His hair is growing back rapidly now and he is beginning to look handsome again.  I think, according to my daughter , that my hair is growing back again as well.  Can´t tell you how relieved we are, I think you have worked a miracle Bruno, what expertise you have.  I know its early days yet with the tissue salts but I have complete faith in it, which helps enormously..  Gave Leo  bath yesterday with tea tree oil so he smells delightful and his coat shines in the sun.

So grateful to you for your help, you have a wealth of knowledge.  Hopefully other people who have the same problem,as Leo and myself will seek your help.  Thank you.

Many regards.

Love Daphne. xxx

It is impossible for a vet to know everything about every illness or dis-ease.
I accept that.
This time I visited the vet who had been treating Leo for years on end, without any positive result. I told him that Leo was better having taken Tissue Salts for three weeks. The vet was more than interested, and you know why? Because his brother, who helps him in the clinic, has a dog who is suffering from an allergy and both brothers are unable to help the dog. Maybe I can help the dog...with Eva's help.

Kindest regards from Bruno

zaterdag 2 februari 2013

I should

It is now 20 years ago since I started working with dog loving persons.

Over the years I have learned how to become the interpreter of what the dogs are telling me. What I read in their body language is always true.
That is why it is, according to me, so easy to understand dogs.
As far as Schuessler minerals are concerned, it is also much easier for me to work with dogs than with humans. Dogs simply get better, no questions asked..
My work with dogs and their handlers still fascinates me because the more I teach the more I learn.
It took a while before I could start reading the real meaning of words used by us humans.
Years ago I wrote about some words in English that are being used by my clients.
Some of these words are "Sorry", "normally", "generally" and "I have to".
But the most damaging word, creating an enormous amount of shame and guilt, is according to me the word SHOULD.
As I keep on hearing so many people using the word SHOULD I want to write about it again.
This violent word, which we commonly use to evaluate ourselves, is so deeply ingrained in our consciousness that many of us would have trouble imagining how to live without it. It is the word SHOULD, as in "I should have known better", or "I should not have done that", or "I should take more Schuessler minerals", or "I should learn how to deal with my dog", or "I should give up smoking", or "I should exercise more".
Most of the time when we use SHOULD, we resist learning, because SHOULD implies there is no choice. Humans, when hearing any kind of demand, tend to resist because it threatens our autonomy-our strong need for choice. We have this reaction to tyranny even when it is the internal tyranny of a dictator called "SHOULD". 
Humans keep saying I SHOULD and keep resisting doing what they should, because we were not meant to be slaves. We also were not meant to succumb to dictators called "I SHOULD" or "I HAVE TO", whether these dictators live in a palace in the capital city or inside of ourselves.
"I SHOULD" are two very damaging words, because when we say it, we are in effect saying "I AM WRONG". I think we do not need more "wrongs" in our life. We need to have more freedom of choice.

Do you want an immediate solution?

The solution is to replace "I SHOULD" with a sentence like "IF I REALLY WANTED TO, I COULD...".
Here are some examples:

"If I really wanted, I could take Schuessler minerals".

"If I really wanted I could learn how to deal with my dog."

"If I really wanted I could stop smoking/eating junk food/drinking too much alcohol/ taking drugs..."

Do you see how you have a choice when you use this kind of sentence instead of saying I should?
If you really wanted to do something, you could do it, or not do it.
Try it out.

Recommended reading
"Nonviolent Communication. A language of life" by Marshall B. Rosenberg
"You can heal your life" by Louise L. Hay

Kindest regards from Bruno

zaterdag 23 juni 2012

Magnesium stearate

Dear friends,
You are on my Schuessler mailing list because once we have met personally. 
I remember having told you why I buy the Natural Tissue Salts from the Adler pharmacy in Zell am See. One of the main reasons is that this manufacturer produces the tablets with the minerals without using magnesium stearate. Today I found an article written by the American doctor Mercola whose newsletters I have been reading for many years. I quote the following paragraph:
Magnesium stearate is formed by adding a magnesium ion to stearic acid. The compound has lubricating properties, which is why it's often used in the making of supplements, as it allows the machinery to run faster and smoother, and prevents the pills or capsules from sticking to each other.
However, previous research has shown that stearic acid suppresses T cells—your natural killer cells—which are a key component of your immune systemi. According to that study, stearic acid causes the collapse of cell membrane integrity—an effect that was found to be time and dose dependent—which, ultimately, can destroy cell function.
Naturally, when you take vitamins and other supplements, you do it with the idea ofstrengthening your immune system. However, if you take supplements containing magnesium stearate, you could end up doing the exact opposite as you're actually consuming chalk-like substance with each dose you take.
This filler also stimulates your gut to form a biofilm. You frequently see biofilms when you lift the lid of your toilet reservoir. Biofilms are a sort of sludge lining that acts as an effective barrier to the absorption of not only that particular vitamin but ALL the nutrients you'd normally get from food sources as well.
This is of particular concern for anyone with impaired digestion, which in today's world includes the vast majority of Americans, due to poor dietary habits.
In my view, this side effect alone is a major reason for focusing on nutritional foods, or, if you're taking a supplement, making sure it's a high quality, natural food-based supplement that does not include potentially harmful fillers and additives such as magnesium stearate.
If you want to read the whole article go to:

vrijdag 22 juni 2012

An operation!

For many persons having to undergo an operation brings along a lot of mental and physical stress.
Once again the Natural Tissue Salts can help us to cope with the stress before and after the intervention.

Recently I witnessed what can happen with what the surgeon called "a minor intervention."
The patient was told she had to come to the clinic on Wednesday morning and would leave again on Thursday afternoon.
But something went wrong.
The cocktail of chemicals administered to her by the anaesthesist contained something that provoked an allergic reaction and a cardiac arrest. Instead of returning home Thursday afternoon the patient had to stay in the intensive care unit for 3 days and another 2 days in a hospital room.
As a weakened and shocked person she returned home and is now slowly getting better.
In order to prepare yourself for an operation you can take the following mixture of Schuessler minerals on a daily basis:

- 5 tablets of Ferrum phosphoricum
- 5 tablets of Kalium chloratum
- 5 tablets of Kalium phosphoricum
- a hot seven of Magnesium phosphoricum
- 5 tablets of Natrium chloratum
- 5 tablets of Silicea

As soon as possible after the operation (and you do not have to wait until you are home again) you can get better faster by taking the following combination of Schuessler minerals on a daily basis. This combination will most certainly help with the evacuation of the chemicals you were administered and regain your strength from before the operation:

- 5 tablets of Calcium fluoratum
- 10 tablets of Calcium phosphoricum
- 5 tablets of Ferrum phosphoricum
- 5 tablets of Kalium phosphoricum
- 5 tablets of Natrium chloratum
- 5 tablets of Natrium sulfuricum
- 5 tablets of Calcium carbonicum

It goes without saying that much better than having to regain your strength after an operation is to live in such a way that you will not need to be operated.
Why not take a power mixture that will boost your immune system?

Take 5 tablets on a daily basis of:

Ferrum phosphoricum
Kalium phosphoricum
Magnesium phosphoricum
Natrium chloratum.

Kindest regards from Bruno

woensdag 30 mei 2012

Uric Acid/Acido Urico

Twice a week I teach martial arts for a class of young boys and girls in Benissa. Several parents who had been bringing their children to classes have changed their behaviour. They are so satisfied with what their children have learned that they themselves became our pupils alongside their young ones.
Before we start classes we always go through a greeting ritual whereby we salute the master, salute the other pupils and meditate for a short while. During the meditation we stay seated on our folded legs.
One of the participating fathers told me recently it is too painful for him to sit on his knees because of  the "acido urico" (uric acid/Harnsaüre/ urinezuur) in the joints. As he is already following a diet, my advice is to take the following tissue salts:
10 tablets per day of number 9 Natrium phosphoricum
5 tablets per day of number 11 Silicea
5 tablets per day of number 23 Natrium bicarbonicum
In addition I told him he would have to take the tissue salts over an extended period.
I like it very much each time I can inform a new person about the natural tissue salts, as they are the working agents and the building stones of our body.